Letter from the Director

Directoravatar  We’re excited to present to you a new layout for our web site. We hope you like it! Please bear with us, however, as we continue to revamp and improve it, making it easier for you to navigate through all the content.

Over the past six months, we’ve been busy spreading the word about Neto…  and our cause in a variety of ways. We’ve set a lot of organizational goals this year including being more visible in the community, engaging with people online and raising awareness for Native American arts and culture in Western new York. Some of the things we’re proud of include setting up and been active on Facebook  as well as launching our new web site with

As we continue our work, we must recognize Mother Nature. For most of the nation, this winter has been long and unpredictable, however, it’s warm now and the strawberries are back! Go easy on the fry bread, attend the border crossing, it’s our rights on the line.  It’s hard to see our people homeless in the homeland but this is reality for a lot of our community, keep your medicines close, change is happening as we have resisted the attempt to completely wipe us out and carry on with the invaders greedy plan to destroy the earth and us.

Updated: July 3, 2015 — 2:13 am

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