Wampum Teaching

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Neto… a native American managed non-profit art and cultural organization proposes to make a complete set of replica wampu belts based on the original belts of the 6 Nations being Mohawk, Oneida, Onondaga,Cayuga, Seneca and Tuscarora.

These belts are significant to our people because they are our record of agreements made between Native nations and non-native nations. This proposal will allow us to make 6 of the wampum belts and host a Youth and Elders Gathering where the completed belts will be exhibited and knowledge shared from the Elders who will be invited Chiefs, Clan mothers and Faith Keepers

This is an ongoing project of Neto… and to date we have completed 10 of the 60 belts we know of which are on exhibit and displayed at community gatherings.  These belts are produced on custom made looms and weaved by Native artists and instructors.        Funding will also allow us to engage apprentices to learn the art of weaving these belts.

 The beads are handmade and match the original size and shape of wampum.The funding source for the current project has been cut back and there was no funding available to support the Gathering component which we feel is vital to perpetuating Traditional knowledge. Funding will be used to pay artists and instructors who will meet weekly with students and to purchase materials needed, beads, looms and threads. Additionally funds will be used for the weekend gathering and to pay travel, honorariums and feed the speakers.

There has been a resurgence in awareness in our communities regarding these belts and your support will allow us to inform our youth of this Indigenous knowledge.    

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