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Neto awards 2015 James C. Jamieson Memorial Award




James C Jamieson

We are proud to announce that this years “James C. Jamieson ‘s Memorial Award” has been presented to Antonio Rivera  of school #19 in the city of Buffalo NY.

The award is given annually to a student who exemplifies outstanding leadership qualities and shows an appreciation for human diversity.  James Jamieson attended Buffalo native American Magnet School #19 and initiated the addition of the Eagle


Tony Rivera

staff to the school’s auditorium assemblies.  Prior to his earnest protests to have it installed in this  place of honor, the American flag flew solo with no recognition of our nation’s aboriginal heritage.  At a very young age, James understood America’s diversity and the importance of celebrating it.  The Eagle staff, which you see at your assemblies, was James’ idea of a wonderful way to remind us of that very important part of America-our native American heritage.  We often forget that children can open the eyes of adults.  Children can and do lead.  James Jamieson led, and this ward is to applaud other young people, like yourself, who follow along on leadership’s path.  As a recipient of this award, you continue James’ legacy.

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